Brand Strategy

Audits: We provide different types of digital audits, so you can get a sense where your brand stands right now. They include SEO, website usability, social channels, and customer reviews.

Research: We provide qualitative and quantitative research that’ll create a 360-degree perspective on your target market. The research tools include market research, user research, competitor research, social research, and product research.

Positioning: We analyze where your brand is currently positioned in the market and where you want to move based on a brand strategy matrix.

Creation: We help you create your brand. Through a methodological approach, we guide you from ideation to launch.


Brand Development

Copywriting: Our copywriting service adds personality to your brand. We create copy that speaks to your customer and makes them want to engage with your brand.

Web Design: We make websites that are beautiful, easy to use, well optimized in the digital space, AND simple for you to update and maintain.

Content: From marketing collaterals to blog posts, we help you create sustainable content that performs.


Personal Branding

Resume / Cover Letter: On average, recruiters spend only about 5 seconds looking at your resume — and they’re not even the hiring managers. We strategically redesign resumes and cover letters so both recruiters and hiring managers will see the most relevant information for the job.

Training: Are you missing a skill set on your resume? Or do you want to further develop your skills to improve at your job? We can help, especially in the areas of Merchandising & Planning, Copywriting, Content Marketing, UX/UI Design, and Digital Analytics.

Public Relations: You are your own brand, so optimizing how you’re perceived by others is important. We can help you show your authentic self and tell your own inspiring story.