The Garden x Gnarly Project


The Garden is a story about love and life. A soldier has to leave her beloved disabled daughter behind when he is called for war in 1939, Germany. The girl doesn’t know where father is going but she is certain that he will be back soon.

Outside their cabin, there is a garden; a project that father has been working in memory of his wife. The daughter lives the days waiting for her father’s return, finding comfort and peace working on the garden.

The motivation behind The Garden is to introduce the idea that love doesn’t die with time or distance. It even makes it stronger. During the WWII, men participated in war and many families were left with an empty hole in their lives.

How many of them desired to live and love instead of war? This short film tells the story from an unusual perspective and focuses on the strong bond that this father and daughter shared in dark times.

The Roots – Birth of the Story, Motivations, and Goals

The story first came to birth about 4 years ago during a creative writing course. And with much work and development, a second draft was made, but set aside. Because it was well-received internally, the story seemed worth holding onto. Such a beautiful drama that gives room for stunning visuals and great emotions, aside from its message, was waiting for the right moment to come along. 

Now, with much experience and a supportive film community, it seems a real possibility.


This short film project is planned to be shot in Nanaimo, BC.

Recently, Vancouver Island’s film industry has been growing with the charms of its own. Dedicated crew members and the community are willing to contribute to the cause of making the island a place for quality films. Not to mention that our tentative cast member Hannah Zirke is a Nanaimo born talent with some credits under her belt.

Characters - The Father.jpg
Characters - The Daughter.jpg

Location is only a part of a diverse production. A significant number of crew members are expected to come from the island as well as Vancouver and, of course, from different backgrounds. The film will be shot in German, which will bring an appropriate challenge to the table. Fittingly, our male lead is from Germany.

This production has several important goals in mind. Apart from the couple that we have mentioned above, elevating the quality of independent films and support talented crew members who love the arts and craft of filmmaking are a couple of additions to that list.

Many film artists have true passion and kindness within themselves without enough opportunities to grow.

The Garden competed for a grant sponsored by Storyhive Digital Shorts 2018, but was unfortunately not selected. This means the project will be delayed until funding is secured. 

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the project, and the team for sticking around during the pitch production. 

Congratulations to the other projects that will get the opportunity to breathe life into their stories!